Odessa Baby Food Factory has a new product – PRYAMOSOK

In October, the Odessa Baby Food Factory presented Ukrainian juice market a new product – a line of directly expressed juices with a name that speaks for itself – “PRYAMOSOK”. In a new project best traditions of tasty, healthy, affordable and safe baby food were implemented.

The foundations of the new product release prerequisites were the increase of production capacity and a large amount of their own processing of fruits and vegetables. Starting the directly expressed juice line TM “Pryamosok” became OBFF new stage in the development of such areas as production of quality fruit and vegetable products from own raw materials.

Pryamosok contrast to most juices is represented in the domestic market: the product is manufactured exclusively by direct extraction technology – i.e directly, eliminating the steps of concentration and recovery of juice that makes the taste of the juice and its beneficial properties as close to fresh fruit as possible. The only ingredient in this product is actual juice and nothing else.

As the chief technologist of OBFF Natalia Thira clarifies, manufacturing technology of “Pryamosok” includes three stages: extraction of fresh raw materials, pasteurization by brief (60 seconds) temperature processing, and bottling of fresh juice in aseptic carton metallized packaging with no added sugar, water or flavorings. Aseptic, i.e, sterile filling technology allows you to keep the package full of taste, flavor and beneficial properties of fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time.

“The expansion of our product portfolio line of direct extraction of juice came as a logical step , given forty years of experience in the processing of raw materials and the manufacture of fresh juice products , fruits and vegetables for baby food ,” – commented on the release of new items Natalia Thira .

The range of the new brand is represented by four most popular flavors for Ukrainians – Apple , apple- carrot , Multifruit ( from apples and berries) and tomato in an attractive and user-friendly cardboard packaging of 1 liter .

In addition to great taste , one of the advantages of ” Pryamosoka ” over other similar products on the Ukrainian juice market , its price will be – it will be much more affordable for domestic consumers.