Jaffa to go to the new category of beverages

In April this year the famous brand JAFFA is coming to the new market. The novelty under JAFFA SPRING TM will become the first 100% natural fruit saturate drink in Ukraine within CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) category.

According to Denys Barlyayev, “Vitmark-Ukraine” Ltd.’s marketing director, despite the fact that the category of saturate drinks is well-developed, the brand-new JAFFA SPRING is indeed an innovation: “It is the first time in Ukraine that a saturate drink is being produced without adding preservatives and synthetic coloring agents. This became possible in JAFFA SPRING due to the new aseptic technology of drinks production with gasification. What also makes the product unique is the high (up to 10%) content of natural juice, which is much higher than in most CSD drinks. Herbal extracts that are also added to the novelty bring additional consumer value to JAFFA SPRING”.

JAFFA SPRING is targeted to the mass consumer, for whom not only quenching thirst and pleasing taste sensation, but also healthy qualities of the product are important. JAFFA expertise let the new product be natural, tasty and healthy at a time.

The product line includes 4 of the most popular fruit flavors: apple-ehinatseya, pomegranate-ginseng, lemon-mint, orange-lemongrass. Jaffa Spring is represented in different PAT-package formats – for consuming either “on the run” (0,5 litres) or at home (1,5 litres).

“Vitmark-Ukraine” Ltd. is sure that Jaffa Spring natural saturate drinks will attract the consumers with bright design, perfect natural flavor and moderate price.

Jaffa Spring will be available for retail sale this April.